Our Philosophy

The primary goal of Wonder Nook Preschool is to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which each child may realize and grow to his/her fullest potential.preschool2

Wonder Nook Preschool sets the groundwork needed for your child to make sensible life choices in the future. We are committed to offering children the opportunity to develop into compassionate, honest, responsible and self-disciplined individuals.

Wonder Nook Preschool is a Reggio-inspired program which emphasizes artistic expression, fosters creativity, and follows the interests of the children to develop project-based curriculum. We also incorporate the best ideas from diverse childhood developmental philosophies to create a well-rounded program. We value the importance of the development of “self” in relationship to family, friends, and community. We believe that children learn through play, and that a play-based program will develop a lifelong love of school and of learning.

We have created an environment that fosters curiosity and the potential to grow through stimulating age-appropriate programs, learning materials and healthy social interactions. The age-appropriate curriculums focus on activities that are success-oriented and instill a positive sense of self-esteem. This environment is essential in promoting awareness and responsibility for self, family, friends, and community. We support the family structure and aim to help working parents and families to ease the stress and meet the daily challenges of raising healthy, active children.

Our integrated program infuses classroom projects with art, music, science, creative drama, stories, language arts, cognitive development, as well as large & small motor skills. We provide children with hands-on, age-appropriate activities that are building blocks for independence, creativity, responsibility and self-esteem. Through these themes and activities, we seek to support the child as an individual by:

Character Building

The importance of character qualities is an aspect that Wonder Nook Preschool incorporates into its program on a daily basis:

  1. Setting a good example, being good role models, and treating each child with respect.
  2. Reinforcing ideas of sharing, caring, patience, honesty, responsibility, respect, etc.
  3. Integrating stories, ideas and hands-on opportunities into programs to foster awareness of important character qualities.


A child’s education begins with understanding and knowing one’s “self” and the development his/her self-esteem. It is important for children to feel good about themselves. The better a child feels about him/herself; the more they can achieve and all the more confident they are to take on new challenges. We celebrate the uniqueness of each child and the special gifts each has to offer. Wonder Nook Preschool strives to nurture a child’s individuality daily through age-appropriate activities, nurturing, encouragement, and love.


The concept of family is an important and essential element at Wonder Nook Preschool. We respect and understand the difficult job of parenting young children. We support the family in various ways, by:

  1. Providing an environment for children that supports family values.
  2. Offering parenting resources and articles throughout the schools.
  3. Creating a welcoming environment where your questions, concerns or requests will always be heard and respected.
  4. Discussing individual needs in personal consultations with our Director.
  5. Hosting family events at the schools.
  6. Encouraging a multi-generation influence by encouraging involvement with parents, siblings, and grandparents.


Wonder Nook Preschool welcomes children and families from diverse communities, backgrounds, abilities, religions, race and cultures. We invite you to visit and observe our programs. Please contact us to schedule a tour.