toddler“Thank you for teaching ‘N’ all about the colors, numbers, songs, and animals like bunnies and chicks. Because he learned about these things, his dad and I are able to relax as we watch N dive into books and sings songs on his own in self-play. N is always looking for a play partner, so how wonderful to watch him talk to himself for 20 minutes as we decompress from our day.”
~ N’s exhausted, but ever-so-grateful, mother and father


“The toddler room teachers are wonderful, very caring and communicate extremely well with parents. Both my girls spent their toddler years there, and they enjoyed every minute of it. The kids get to do a lot of artwork in that room, receive an introduction to circle time and still have lots of time for free play.”
~ Mother of three graduates


“It was wonderful to keep our older child at one school since she was a toddler and move from room to room as she grew up. The size is nice – big enough to be interesting and small enough so that I knew every teacher and most children on a first name basis. The small size also allows parents to work with staff and the directors to address any issues that may arise. I felt my children were loved, respected and my needs as a busy working parent were met. My 5 year old has excelled at Kindergarten this year and more than one parent asked me where she went to preschool because they were so surprised about how well prepared she was for school. ”
~ Mother of graduate


“This is the third preschool that I tried and finally found the right fit for my son! Their director is very experienced and knowledgeable, with just the right combination of caring and structure. My son loves going to school every day and adores all the teachers. Big outside play area with garden and shade trees. My son comes home dirty, tired, and with a big smile on his face – which makes me smile.”
~ Mother of special needs child